REQM Silver Award

We made a model of London in 1666 and burnt it to help us to understand why the Great Fire of London spread so quickly.

We learnt about how wheels and axles worked and looked at real fire engines. Then we designed and made our own fire engines.



Our theme this term is Earth, Air, Fire and Water. We will begin with The Great Fire of London. We will be learning about what London was like in 17th Century, the Great Plague, what happened before, during and after the fire and the impact it had on life in London.

After half term we will be finding out about Planet Earth. We will learn about the seven continents and five oceans, how to use maps and atlases and how we can care for our planet by saving water, reducing waste and protecting endangered animals.

Mrs Bird is the teacher in Year 2.  She is supported in class by Mrs Hendrey.


Respecting yourself as well as others


Show forgiveness to all, including yourself


Trusting in God and in each other


Faith and hope in God, yourself and each other


Being generous, caring and loyal friends