REQM Silver Award

Welcome back to the summer term in Class 3. Our new topic WW2 is an amazing topic and we experience history at last where there are people from that era that are still alive today! As well as finding out about how the war started, we will find out what it was like being a child during the war years with food, including sweets, rationed. Can you imagine sleeping in an Anderson shelter at the bottom of your garden, wondering if a bomb would be dropped near you during the night? Studying at a local level, we shall find out about the significance of Bletchley Park and what Hackleton and the surrounding area did to prepare for war.

Linking to DT, we are going to make sock monkeys, so choose some snazzy socks to bring into school to transform into a soft toy, remember it was all about make do and mend during the war years.

In science we will be looking very closely at flowering plants and investigating what a plant needs to grow healthily. At some point you will be planting runner bean seeds which can be transported to your own gardens later on when they get too tall for the classroom. Who will have the tallest runner bean plant?

Lots of exciting things happen within school during the summer term. As well as sports day, we have our yearly May Day celebrations with a newly appointed May Day King and Queen and the summer fayre.

The new year in school means a new topic. We are going to explore Spain as cyclists taking part in La Vuelta. During this race through Spain, we will focus on learning about Andalucia, Valencia and the Cantabrian mountains. Tapas will feature highly in the journey to discover more about the Spain's food, drink and farming. Children are going to invent their own tapas using Spanish style ingredients after tasting a variety of foods to see which they enjoy the most. During mapwork, the children will appreciate the diversity in this country's landscape and how it is optimised to provide food for export too. 

This term we will also read 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes as a class book. The children love this story as it provides many opportunities for exciting writing and discussion.

I would be most appreciative if the children could bring anything of interest connected with Spain to school e.g. books, maps, leaflets, Spanish dolls, Spanish themed storybooks etc.

Mrs Churms is the teacher in Year 3.  She is supported in class by Miss Dickin.




Respecting yourself as well as others


Show forgiveness to all, including yourself


Trusting in God and in each other


Faith and hope in God, yourself and each other


Being generous, caring and loyal friends