REQM Silver Award

Welcome to the autumn term in Class 4. We have already been busy, looking at the Stone Age and learning how archaeologists help us to find out about this prehistoric time. Soon we will be looking into the reason why, how and when Stone Henge was built. We have been reading the story, ‘Stig of the Dump’ by Clive King in our English lessons – a hugely entertaining book about a boy who goes on adventures with a caveman.

In ICT we have become meteorologists, learning how to record the weather in Hackleton and using the data to produce charts. In the next couple of weeks we will be writing and recording our own weather forecasts.

Science is all about the digestive system. Looking after our teeth and learning about a healthy diet will be topics for discussion in this unit.

India is at the centre of our art this term, where we have already begun learning about Madhubani art and the Elephant Festival.

After half term, we will move on to our second topic in Class 4: Inventions.

Mrs Pickles is the teacher in Year 4.  She is supported in class by Mrs Acharya.


Respecting yourself as well as others


Show forgiveness to all, including yourself


Trusting in God and in each other


Faith and hope in God, yourself and each other


Being generous, caring and loyal friends