REQM Silver Award

In year 5, our main topic is Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. For this, we have been looking into Anglo-Saxon houses, kingdoms and kings, runes, Viking long ships (which we made ourselves!), shields and many other aspects of Anglo-Saxon and Viking life. Using our knowledge of atlases and European countries, we have also been looking at where they lived before moving to or invading Britain. We also had History off the page visit us for a day to learn more about the vicious Vikings!

Here we are with our clay runes:


In Science, we have been focusing on Earth and Space. The children have been looking at the distance between the sun and the planet which we compared using squares of toilet paper. We have also been looking at phases of the moon; we kept a moon diary over a weekend to see how the moon changes because of the sun’s reflection. To understand how the Earth’s rotation creates night and day, we carried out a day long investigation on shadows.

On Thursday 19th October, year 5 were visited by History off the Page for the day. During the day, we learnt about how the Vikings lived through various activities. We weaved wool to make Viking bracelets and looked at how Viking would weave wool to make clothes. We made our own necklace/amulets of Thor’s hammer to bring us luck. We also made our own ink and wrote our name using Anglo-Saxon Runes. We made clay runes in the letters of our name and sewed a piece of fabric into a small purse to carry the cay runes in. We visited the wise woman and created medicines and herbal remedies to cue illnesses children ‘caught’ throughout the day. We made our own candles by repeatedly dipping a wick into wax. We made our own clay brooch moulds- one of us even got our moulds used in the metal casting to make a real metal brooch! Some children trained to be warriors and make shield walls and follow commands of the leader. We acted out the Battle of Edington in the playground to protect our village. In the afternoon, we were archaeologists digging to find Viking artefacts. We thought about what the objects might have been used for and who they might have belonged to.






Respecting yourself as well as others


Show forgiveness to all, including yourself


Trusting in God and in each other


Faith and hope in God, yourself and each other


Being generous, caring and loyal friends