REQM Silver Award

Year 6 have enjoyed making their cushions for their 'Funky Furnshings' DT project.

Year 6 have settled in quickly to their final year at Hackleton School. They are enjoying the privileges that come with being a year 6 pupil, but are also showing that they understand the responsibilities that come too. We have some keen and efficient library guardians, enthusiastic house captains and everybody is trying their best to set a good example for the rest of the children in school. They have been very positive about their learning so far.

Our work on Ancient Greece has begun well. The children are using some in depth vocabulary and ideas to discuss Alexander the Great’s empire and the origins of democracy. Impressive stuff! This week the classroom was plunged into darkness for our light and shadow work and they have produced a beautiful piece of art on canvas for our new RE display. A great start!

Mrs Roberts is the teacher in Year 6.  She is supported in class by Mrs Gaskell..


Respecting yourself as well as others


Show forgiveness to all, including yourself


Trusting in God and in each other


Faith and hope in God, yourself and each other


Being generous, caring and loyal friends