REQM Silver Award

Accessibility Tools

The school prospectus is updated annually and provides information from the school and Governing Body to parents and prospective parents.

Visits from prospective parents are most welcome and should be arranged through the school office. Parents will be given a guided tour of the school and an opportunity to discuss any issues pertaining to their child. 

Our current admissions policy can be found in the Northamptonshire’s guide for parents available from the school or the local authority and on the school website. Parents of reception children are invited to an Induction Evening in May and children visit the school in June or July to spend some time with their class teacher. 


Our School Values


‘Stand firm in the faith; be courageous, be strong. Do everything in love.’ (1 Corinthians 16 verses 13-14)


Just as the Lord has forgiven you, so you must also forgive others.’ (Colossians 3, verse 13)


‘Encourage one another and build each other up.’ (Thessalonians 5, verse 11)


‘Do for others just what you want them to do for you.’ (Luke 6, verse 31)


‘My God is my strength in whom I trust.’ (Psalm 18, verse 2)


‘Love God, and love others as you love yourself.’ (Luke 10, verse 27)