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Requests for Copies

Parents may request paper copies of the information and Policies/Reports shown on this website; these are provided free of charge.

Contact Details

Head Teacher : Mrs Andrea Hunter, Hackleton CEVA Primary School, Main Rd, Hackleton Northampton NN7 2AB  

Phone:01604 870086 email

Admission Arrangements

Admissions Appeal Timetable 2022

The timetable for appeals for parents unsuccessful in obtaining a primary place at the school for September 2022 is as follows:

Following the National Offer Day on 19 April 2022, the deadline for lodging an on-time appeal is 18 May 2022 (5pm).

The Appeal Clerk will send notification of the Hearing (Date and Time) and the Statement of Case to the Appellants week commencing 6 June 2022.

On-time appeals will be heard by 8 July 2021.  Spring/Summer 2022 appeals will take place either on Zoom or in-person at the diocesan offices in Northampton and Peterborough.

Proposed appeal hearing dates are between 4-8 July 2022.

Decision letters will be sent within 5 working days of the appeal hearing, subject to any unforeseen circumstances.

Attendance & Punctuality 

Parents and Carers are directed to our Attendance and Punctuality Policy are available in the sidebar of this page.


Our Ofsted report, a link to the Parent View website, giving you the opportunity to tell us what you think about your child’s school and the link to the Ofsted Data Dashboard are all available in the sidebar of the page.

School Performance Information

Key Stage 2 Results & School Performance Tables

Our latest  KS2 results can be found at the Department for Education's website which can be found by using the link on the sidebar.

Comparing our School with others

To compare our school with others in the locality, please visit the DfE website using this link

School Curriculum 

At Hackleton, we aim to empower children with the knowledge they are entitled to in order to make sense of the world and also prepare them for the future. Powerful knowledge opens doors!

Our curriculum aims to provide a full sequence of learning across a range of subjects. Each year group has its own personalised curriculum where specific knowledge, concepts and subject specific vocabulary has been identified and is taught. As children move through the school, these are revisited in a deliberate and planned way to create a progressive model, where children are able to make connections with things they have previously been taught. These building blocks supply the means for children to ask better questions, seek their own answers and gain deeper insights than they had before. In this way they are developing the skills of critical thinking with regards to analysis, synthesis and evaluation at higher levels.

For more information, please see the detailed curriculum maps available in the sidebar to this page.

Reading and Phonics

The phonics scheme used in school is Letters and Sounds. We primarily use Oxford Reading Tree as our reading scheme.

Behaviour at Hackleton CEVA Primary School

Our Policies and appendices related to Behaviour at our school including exclusion arrangements can be found on the sidebar to this page.

Pupil Premium

Pupil premium was introduced in by the Coalition Government in April 2011. It is additional funding on top of the existing school budget provided to schools and is allocated to pupils who have been eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) at any point in the last 6 years ( known as Ever 6 FSM) and those who have been looked after (by a local authority) for more than six months. The Service Premium was also introduced for children whose parent(s) are, or have since 2011, served in the armed forces. The aim of the Pupil Premium is to raise the attainment of disadvantage pupils and close the gap between them and their peers.

Please see the sidebar for a full report on our access to and use/benefits from the use of Pupil Premium.

Sports Premium funding

Playing sport helps to keep people healthy and is good for communities. Playing sport at school or in a local club is also the first step to competition at the highest level. More often than not when people leave school they often stop playing sports, which means people can’t fulfil their sporting potential, and it can lead to a less healthy lifestyle.

The school's statement related to Sports Premium funding can be found in the sidebar of the page.

Special Educational Needs

 Local Authorities Local Offer can be found in the sidebar of the page.  The special educational needs and disability policy can be found on the sidebar of the page.  The Senco is Mrs Andrea Hunter and the SEN Governor is Mrs Kerri Connolly.

Safeguarding of Children

The school's Safeguarding Policy can be found in the sidebar of the page.

Charging Policy

The school's Charging Policy can be found in the sidebar of the page.

Our School Vision

At Hackleton Primary School we aim to ignite a passion for learning in every child, developing creative thinkers who embrace challenge, achieve academic excellence and uphold our school values. We will promote curiosity, enthusiasm, independence and resilience within a nurturing community which has each child’s wellbeing at its heart.

Our School Values

Jesus said, ‘Love God, and love others as you love yourself.’ (Luke 10, verse 27)

We do this through:

Respect - Respect yourself and others.

Forgiveness - Show forgiveness to everyone, including yourself.

Trust - Trust in God and each other.

Faith - Faith and hope in God, yourself and each other.

Friendship - We are learning to be generous, caring and loyal friends.

Ethos Statement

Recognising its historic foundation, the school will preserve and develop its religious character in accordance with the principles of the Church of England and in partnership with the church at parish and diocesan level.

The school aims to serve our villages of Hackleton, Piddington, Horton and Preston Deanery, encouraging an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith, and promote Christian values through the experiences it offers to everyone.

  • Children – each child will know they are valued and develop a mutual esteem of others based on acceptance and trust.
  • Staff – it is vital that everyone feels they are valued for the part they play in the life of the school; positive self-esteem will engender mutual respect and understanding.
  • Governors – the school governors will be involved in the life of the school to build relationships with children, staff and parents.
  • Parents – the school is committed to an open partnership with parents.
  • Church – the church is recognised as the prime spiritual resource as well as a physical resource.
  • Local Community – the school aims to serve its community by developing strong links and providing an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice.
  • Wider Issues – children will be encouraged to have a world view of the planet we live on and its challenges.


Respecting yourself as well as others


Show forgiveness to all, including yourself


Trusting in God and in each other


Faith and hope in God, yourself and each other


Being generous, caring and loyal friends