At Hackleton, we are keen for children to develop an awareness of the world around them and their place within it. For this reason, we celebrate and organise a range of special days and events for the children to take part in. These include charity days such as Children in Need, Christmas Jumper Day or Comic Relief. On these occasions, we ensure that the children learn what they are raising money for and who it will benefit and how. They might dress-up, bake cakes, complete a sponsored event or sell merchandise to the public in order to raise money. The children also support more local charities such as the Hope Centre and the Cynthia Spencer Hospice through harvest festival and food collections, other RE based learning or though the Enterprise Fair which is organised and run by the Year 6 children.
In addition to these charitable events, children participate in other special events such as Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week, Internet Safety Day and Odd Socks Day which promotes unity against bullying and discrimination. As well as the children having fun, these special events help children  to develop their wider understanding of the world and the people within it.