Hackleton CEVA Primary School Ethos

Recognising its historic foundation, the school will preserve and develop its religious character in accordance with the principles of the Church of England and in partnership with the church at parish and diocesan level.

The school aims to serve our villages of Hackleton, Piddington, Horton and Preston Deanery, encouraging an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith, and promote Christian values through the experiences it offers to everyone.

  • Children – each child will know they are valued and develop a mutual esteem of others based on acceptance and trust.
  • Staff – it is vital that everyone feels they are valued for the part they play in the life of the school; positive self-esteem will engender mutual respect and understanding.
  • Governors – the school governors will be involved in the life of the school to build relationships with children, staff and parents.
  • Parents – the school is committed to an open partnership with parents.
  • Church – the church is recognised as the prime spiritual resource as well as a physical resource.
  • Local Community – the school aims to serve its community by developing strong links and providing an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice.
  • Wider Issues – children will be encouraged to have a world view of the planet we live on and its challenges.