Our before and after-school clubs for the new academic year are as follows:


  • M.A.B Gymnastics-Years 1-6 (8:00-8:50am) 
  • Freestyle Basketball-Years 1-6 (3:25-4:30pm)


  • Tennis- Different year groups for different terms (8:00-8:50am)
  • BOCA Multi sports-Years 1-4 (3:25-4:45pm)


  • Freestyle Dodgeball-Years 1-6 (8:00-8:50am)
  • Freestyle Archery - Years 1-6 (3:25-4:30pm)
  • BOCA Multi sports-Year R (3:25-4:30pm) - from January 


  • Boys & Girls Football-Years 5-6 (8:00-8:50am)
  • BOCA Football-Years 1-4 (3:25-4:45pm)


  • Step by Step Ballroom and Latin-Years 3-6 (8:00-8:50am)
  • Freestyle uDance-Years 1-6 (3:25-4:30pm)


You can currently book your children into any of the above Freestyle clubs on their website

You need to select our school name from the drop down option and then choose the club you’d like to book.


If you would like to book your child into Tennis, please email using 

Gavin Duffy Coaching / Junior coaching (


If you would like to book your child into Gymnastics, please complete the attached letter and email MAB Gymnastics using 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


To secure your child a place in the Year 5-6 football club on a Thursday morning, please email the school office.