House System

Hackleton School House System

The school is divided into 4 houses and children are allocated to a house when joining the school. Family members are in the same house. This is used to encourage children to support each other whilst giving them a sense of responsibility and belonging.  Our houses are named after important historical figures from the local vicinity: Gunning, Carey, Wantage and Russell.

Children can earn house points for good work, effort, behaviour, attitude and achievement. Certificates, awards and trophies which the children receive outside of school earn points for their house and these are celebrated in our Celebration Assembly. The winning house is announced every Friday and awarded the weekly cup and there are also cups for the end of term and end of year.

As well as collecting merits for their house, children are also rewarded individually for their own achievement.

On reaching the required number of merits for each award, children will receive a badge to wear as follows:

 Bronze Award 50 merits
 Silver Award  100 merits 
 Gold Award 150 merits
 Platinum Award  250 merits
Head Teacher’s Award  300 merits


Each year the children in Year 6 may put themselves forward to take on the role of House Captain or Vice-Captain. They submit applications and the rest of the house elects their new leaders.